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At National One Advisors , We offer a complete investing platform that allows investors access to multiple institutional money managers, broad diversification, and tax efficiency. This type of account can provide maximum liquidity to the investor with exposure to tactically selected stocks and bonds. 

The Advantages
Multiple Money Managers
Based on your risk preferences, investment goals, and time horizon, Institutional money managers are carefully selected to meet your specific goals.  
Global Diversification
We diversify your portfolio across multiple asset classes, equity styles, foreign markets, and investment philosophies. As your goals and objectives evolve, we even replace money managers and investment allocations.
Individually Owned Stocks
This account provides transparency. Twenty four hours a day, you can see precisely which stocks you own, when they are acquired, how many shares you have, overall performance, gain/loss information and all the fees associated with this account. Mutual funds by law report their holdings only once each quarter, so you lack visibility into their holdings except when publically reported. They also generally fail to disclose all of the costs actually incurred.
Tax Efficiency
Tax efficiency is enabled by the ability to harvest losses on individual holdings. Also, you avoid the potential mutual fund trap of paying taxes on gains that you didnt realize.  
Transparent Fees
Your fully disclosed monthly fee covers all trading commissions, fees for the money managers , and your financial advisor fees. There are no hidden fees.
Socially Responsible Investing
You also have the ability to customize the stock selections including restricting investments  in industries, sectors, or individual stocks, frequently referred to socially responsible or impact investing. For example, you might not want to invest in companies involved in alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or firearms, and each of these categories can be individually excluded from your account.